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Saturday, March 21, 2009Y
Cincai update de la

morning go tuition 1st
den tumpang my frenz car go sunway...

eat Asam Laksa...(yes!!my favourite...xD)
[4got take photo ad...coz too hungry...xD]
expensive...(all restoran also like tat la)
quite nice..( bt Hitsu mum cook more nicer den everyone...
i wonder when i only can eat again??
Hitsu!!!!i miss ur mum cook da asam laksa!!!TT...xD)

RM9.90+3.90(ice lemon tea)=RM13.80

after tat go ice sketting(wu~~luv it!!!)
expensive also(public holiday ma....)
[din take photo also...ply til xiao]

to help my aunt ask somethings...
from LG1 go til G...
almost whole building...xD
saw lala guys...(dams lala..u noe lolita/punk..ya tats kind..yong sui sial)
everyone pass by them..all their reaction is..
"like a ghost suddenly appear infront of me"
i heard a girl say..xD
i din take pic..gt la..bt not clear(fon camera..cacat sial)
i feel like want to ask them 4 take photo...like this

me:"eh..lala guys n lala mui....can i take pic of u all?"

hahahhahahahaha.....sure za dou mian
RM1.05(Mc donald sundae cone)xD

buy bread(help my mum buy de la)

den go jusco buy green tea..(coz thirsty)
RM2.20 (Pokka green tea..(quite Nice..xD)

saw many fish(fishy fair[i create myself(the name)xD)]

"Shark tale"...xD
"Finding Nemo" wakakakaer er..."fisherman"....tink so....hehe

go back home...
simple day..finish...

Total spend money
OMG!!!money fly ~~$~~ T^T....
muz save money le...wahwahwah..money fly....TT

7:55 PM Photobucket