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Sunday, April 26, 2009Y
save the earth!!!

no plastic bags please..
Earth Day
this is so cute!!!!use the box and do a drawer...n i also saw a participents make a table by using box..is so nice...bt i 4get to take..(coz my aunt keep call me balik)

i wan this bicycle la...T^T...if i noe got this competition..i wil join de le...

design by below da guys....(he was drawing heself)
this tent is two japanese do want.they are backpacker and they sold their handmades oso...do u saw a guys inside the tent??yes..is he design all those things..(bt expensive lo)
the funny is..my mum tot he is abit mental

me:mummy u c tat guy..he is japanese lai de leh..

mum:ha??!!i tot he was like mental like tat de...coz his wearing like so..WEIrd??

me:aiyo..tat wan is 艺术 ma..
this guys(wearing cosmos)he saw me taking a camera..den he very pandai.do a pose and let me take...(so cute ar he...)xDxD


i like this..c when i free..i wan do one..keke(they sold RM12.9o=O=)


i love this wan...is very very nice...and cute..and creative..and 环保..and @#$#^& xD

they are so creative....espescially the bag...so 环保 and can 防水 leh..xD
tao fu pok and Danny..(tao fu pok look like 潘伟柏)

this a po very geng..she change the fabrics in any things...c...she use a t-shirts make a panties..sumore she put a pocket at the middle...she say can put ut money n passport at there...xD
last..take a pic wit him..(i make blur my face)hehehe

go The Curve lepak...
i love this wan~~~

and then me and my mum,aunt,sis and po po go c the japanese food "fair"
we buy alots of things...wakakaka

tada..infront wan is free gift la...

10:00 PM Photobucket