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Saturday, August 15, 2009Y

saturday 15/9
2day went to school...damn freaking boring man..
coz got majlis perpisahan...sianz lo..
Christina abandon me...so bad right she T^T
next monday...i need to bring a ear plug ad..
coz she gonna crazzzzyyy...
i beg she sure wil keep saying "k"(her lover)
=.= zZzZzZZ
Christina...i can memorize ur dialog ad...
u wan me repeat to u??xD
well..i did two keychains..
one i keep it 1st...c who want buy den give lo..
another want is my frenz order de..
i think this few weeks will very busy..
(coz still got another 4 orders waiting me >~<)
below is my keychain pics~

what do u c through this clay?
(i saw penguin la...)
[p.s:not everyone can see it]
the doughnut..yum yum~
the cake

done...but when i try to put on my pencil case...
cake cant fit to the string...
so..need to do again lo..
(for background oni la)

simply put...ply ply oni...

finally can fit the keychain string..

outside my house
[i want change my blogskins..but no time..TT]

10:13 PM Photobucket