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Tuesday, December 15, 2009Y

this is how am i look now..xD

tired Tired TIRED!!I'M SO TIRED MAN!!

huh???why huh..
because do housework for the whole day..
start frm yesterday i already "bei tahan"..
yesterday still ok..just wash cloths...
but don't know how to use the washing machine...
i wash the cloths and then throw into the washing machine to make it dry..
but then..it not work...
the cloths all still wet..
and it's already 12pm..
time waits for no one..
Fine!i don't want waste my time..
just take it out and bask...

Today..i simply click the washing machine...
still the same as yesterday..=.=
i'm so regret that i didn't pay attention when my mum was teaching me how to use the washing machine...
(but i remember the steps she told me how to use...and i follow it..but failed)
WHYYYYYY???!!!!T^T *sigh*

today have to clean the house too..
tired lia...i don't even want to move..
later gonna call Domino as my dinner...
*yawn* i want take a nap 1st...chiaoz!

6:31 PM Photobucket