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Sunday, December 19, 2010Y

Pavilion Again!

Yes,I went to Pavilion again.
This is the third times I went there.
I have been there three times in two month.

But today,I'm officially shopped in this 5 star shopping mall!
Went there after my tuition at 12pm.
Aunty fetch me go there with Xin Yi and my small brother.

Now I only realized this shopping mall is very big..
We used almost 7 hours to shop but not the whole shopping mall.
There's still alot of shop we haven't go in..

Went to the Parkson.
Go in and first things what I saw is Melinda Looi dress =.=
I saw Cacac too( It was Lee Xin Je self design brands)

U can found all the branded stuff over there!
Saw one keychain RM30+
Saw one shoe RM1200++
Saw one cloths(it looks like those "tai hou niang niang" wear one) RM 1050+

Saw the price make me want to go toilet =P

2:44 PM Photobucket