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Thursday, December 30, 2010Y
Eating at JOGOYA

Dinner at Jogoya...
Well,Jogoya is a famous Japanese buffet restaurant in Malaysia..
Jogoya was placed on the Relish floor of Starhill Gallery in KL.
Althought it was a Japanese buffet restaurant but they also provide a lot of other styles like Chinese style,Malaysian style..etc.

I find out there's a lot of delicious food.
And their raw food is fresh~Example oyster,salmon.
but sorry I don't really eat oyster...
ok,,FTM.one photo can bring out a lot of word.
Photos time!

Found this on the table,forgot who's the owner of this food.

These drawings/poster make me laugh.Because their action looks so funny

Nah..This is Chinese style buffet.

Oyster and the BBQ fish..
Those oyster wasn't for me is my aunt one la..
She die for it..=.=

This 4 girls..I wanna say 佩服佩服 ,小妹甘下拜风。
They eat a lot,but they so slim..LOL

Soft shell crab.

Look only,I can't fit any food to my stomach..My stomach going to burst.
But I don't really like cookies.

Tiramisu : Pick-me-up
This is nice I love it..
but don't eat too much..later stomach no place to put food anymore.

Jelly!Regrets didn't try all of the jellies.

I love you so much..Only eat you when go to japanese buffet restaurant..
Because you are too EXPENSIVE!

New Zealand Natural.
Mao ma gai hal nya zak(Hakka word)

Santa Claus was here.but,why he stand beside the lighthouse?
He suppose to stand at a Christmas tree la..

Can you look what is that?

Sushi..didn't eat too much..
Aunt say keep ur space to eat those EXPENSIVE food.xD

Regrets not to eat this...T^T

Why Unagi only special for MEMBER?
I want eat this laaaaa.

Take photo with AiFm DJ.
Umm..sorry forgot his name =P

Look!We have eat RM2024
Anyone want go buy 4D?
so who going to pay the bill?
nah..no one,Jogoya belanja..xD


Icy blackcurrant

MEMBER again..=n=


Chocolate Fountain..I would like to DRINK the chocolate =P

My aunt took this and I edit it :D

Although Christmas is over..But I still can sense the atmosphere of Christmas

When I step in,I saw this..this is cool!

Group photo..

OK well...
I would like to thx Fun Travel Magazine especially Liaong Moi to let me join this contest..Thank you Liang Moi Jie Jie.
And I really enjoy this dinner with FTM members...
Thx to FTM because they organize this contest to let us can enjoy free dinner at Jogoya..
And thx to Jogoya too..They have provide a lot of nice food

At last thx to LeeMee(my aunt) she fetch me go there.
Luckily we didn't lost in KL(bcoz when we on the way to Jogoya,KL was in a heavy rain).

And thx to that noob GPS..finally you have guide us to the right way..Thx god too.

Hope FTM can organize more this kind of activity..

ps.My weight is gain 1 more kg after Jogoya..T^T

4:27 PM Photobucket