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Wednesday, September 28, 2011Y

Late again, dunno izit hormone imbalance.
I feel nothing. I'm nothing in this world.
Always scare of nothing.
She was so annoying, always talk bout guys.
I'm bored of it. I'm nt interested with ur relationship man

Just wan a peaceful life.
It seems no one really know me.

Today have a fight with family just because of washing the plate.
I say I'm not free, gt alot of homework and R & D to do.
then they start scolding. I can't stand it and I shout at them.

Crying alone in the room.
No one can talk to.
Is it my problem?no true friends.
Atlast no mood to finish my homework.

Seeing Stef and Wei Wern so happy with their current college life.
seriously, diff sch diff life. diff them.
Sometimes I just feel left out.
Especially towards Wei Wern.She totally like no topic with me.
Now they hang out, just like secretly.without invite me.
ok fine. this I don't care.

Facing computer. Don't know what to do.
Eye blurred by tear.

Shut down and say good bye.

6:38 PM Photobucket