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Wednesday, September 28, 2011Y
28/9/2011 ( WED)

Today I late abit.
Thought is aunty fetching so I taking my sweet time to have my breakfast.
Never knew it was uncle fetching us.

No mood again. Feel Lifeless.
I don't know what I busy for?
Run here run there for what?
I need a rest.
But ofcoz I'm not that stupid la..
I won't die young :P

As usual, facing her talk about nonsense,guys.
Facing another her lame conversation and annoyed me.
Facing Carmen was fun. :P
Facing Jonathan was just talk nonsense and lame joke.
Facing KK funny face xD

Borrowed 2 chinese books from library using Yen Lin card.
Yen Lin are cute. haha.

Got meeting as usual.
Dunno suddenly I just feel like some of them don't accept me?
not don't accept me is just like I'm like nothing in this meetings.

Facing computer, looking at the minute meetings. Have to type it and post it.
Sometimes I'm just feel like I'm stupid and useless.

I only scare but after that I won't do or correct my attitude
Especially lazy attitude. Sigh

6:45 PM Photobucket