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Monday, September 19, 2011Y

Fuuu~ so long edi i didn't update my blog.. just like totally abandon it.
Currently I'm in form 6 at SMK Seafield.
Kinda active over here.
Be a prefect, secretary of prefect board, secretary of Prom,AJK of student council.

so busy, Bt I kinda like it?
Bt also dun like when I have to pass up something :P
what makes me update blog?

just bcoz today I have ntg to do and I read my blog.
And I found out there's alot of things I 've forgotten.
Short memory :P

I found out alot of my handmades things.
And I didn't know it :P

Frm now on. I will try my best to update my blog. :P

Today is Monday,
I'm late to sch again(to prefect is late)
Bcoz of her again,
2 weeks edi being like this.
And she just like "I don't care" =.=

mm... too much holiday.. Now Im just like still in the holiday mood.
Don't feel like study.
Today I very moody.I just dono why.
Is like the whole periods before recess. My mood were super down.
Don't feel like talking to anyone.
And I'm so stupid,I straight forward and tell Pei Meng She are so annoying (she's just like the 2nd Chris) :P

After recess, chit chat with Li Jinn, my mood getting better.

Ah,I just hate myself. always do things last mins.
I haven't finish my math,Muet and P.A homework -.-
Chiaozzzz 1st

5:27 PM Photobucket